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Welcome to our Online Karate Training Members Area.

Due to the numerous requests from students, I have prepared these short videos of the junior katas, kumite and bunkais.  After preaching for so long that even ten minutes of practice on the days off from your regular karate class can be extremely helpful, I have purposely broken material down so students are not overwhelmed and can use each video for the months they spend at each level.

Of course, it must be emphasized that these videos cannot replace an official karate class taught be a certified Black Belt instructor, but are simply intended as an additional practice aid.

I wish everyone the best of success with their training and offer a friendly reminder to respect the work of the person who produced these videos and not reproduce or redistribute them.

Lastly, in our never ending effort to improve, I welcome any feedback regarding your experience with these videos.  Feel free to email us at

Thank you

Sensei Manuel deSa